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The Ballerina Position

This is a tricky position that really is not for everyone. It conventionally requires the woman to be limber but it might be fun to reverse positions and see if you can both do it. The man lies down in a slight recline and the woman lowers herself on to him with one leg on the floor beside him and the other brought up to as near as her head as she can reach – like the kick in a dance of swan lake. She will need to steady the leg with her hand and this position will need to be taken slowly. The man should also be careful to support her and to not get carried away with the athleticism on display.




The Ballerina is also popular standing sex position that is an excellent choice for very flexible women! Women who aren’t as flexible may find this position difficult to get into and stay in, though, so if you can’t hike your leg up that far, consider another position or practice stretching until you can comfortably get into the Ballerina.

In the Ballerina, both partners are standing facing each other. The female partner raises one of her legs all the way up, resting her ankle on her lover’s shoulder. Yes, she has to be incredibly flexible to do this! He holds on to her leg with one hand and her hip with the other and is responsible for the majority of the thrusting movement.

Less flexible women can simply wrap one leg around their lovers’ waist (a.k.a. the Dancer sex position).

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Standing sex positions are awesome to do in tight spaces, like when you want a quickie in the closet at a party, or are at home and don’t want the kids to catch you.

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