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Making Time for Sex

If you’ve just fallen in love, sex is at the top of your priority list. Why go to the movies or out to dinner if you can cozy up by the fireplace and make love?

Time for Sex

Time for Sex

If you’re in a longer-term relationship, sex can be relegated to the very end of the day when you’re exhausted or squeezed into the morning before you rush off into busyness (although those quickie sex sessions can be delicious!). Modern life is full of demands on our time, and the reality is, we always make time for what’s most important to us. So if lovemaking isn’t happening as often or for as long as you’d like, it’s time for some reevaluation.

Schedule a full or half day with nothing to do but make love, and calendar it regularly. That doesn’t have to mean having intercourse the whole time. Explore one another’s bodies, touch, lick, suck, share what you appreciate about each other,
bathe together, soul gaze, read love poems to one another, nap, cuddle, be creative. Think of making love this way: there is more love present than when you began. Another way to think of it: making love present.

If you’re a parent busy running around all the time handling your child’s activities, here’s a reminder: there’s nothing more important to your children than their parents being together and being happy- so invest time in your relationship.

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