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Try Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Plenty of household objects can be used for sexual play, and one of the most popular is food. Two go-to standards are whipped cream and chocolate. Have your partner lie down (trying to apply whipped cream or chocolate while standing doesn’t often work well) and cover part of your partner’s body with the sugary food.

Couple having fun

Then, using your tongue and your lips, seductively eat it off of your partner. You can also use other foods for insertion into your partner, such as rigid items like cucumbers and carrots.

Slap a condom on those bad boys first as you don’t know where they’ve been. Another way to use food is by blindfolding and having your partner sense the food before you feed a bit to them.

This should heighten your partner’s senses and make him or her curious for what’s next.

A few words of caution: don’t insert objects that might get lost in cavities and send the two of you on a trip to the emergency room  or use anything sugary near the vagina as it can cause nasty yeast infections.

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