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Ten Good Reasons To Masturbate

The secret to sexual pleasure is at your fingertips. Literally.

Masturbation is even more shrouded in mystery. While we’re used to seeing couples thrashing about in the bedroom in movies and on TV, masturbation is still primarily reserved for porn films, reinforcing its “dirty” image and leaving some people with the impression that it’s still not right to touch ourselves “down there.” Even the word “masturbation” throws up lots of prohibitions for many women. So, for a start, try calling it something else: pleasing yourself, tension release, your sleeping pill. By normalizing it and using a word or expression your brain doesn’t instantly associate with “bad” thoughts, it will seem less threatening. Sounds simple, but sex therapists swear it’s an important step in the right direction.

10 Reasons to Masturbate

10 Reasons to Masturbate

When we masturbate, we tend to do it very quickly and get it over with because when we first started, we were worried we’d get caught. Also, a lot of people only masturbate when the sexual tension builds so high, they have to get rid of it.

Turn it around from something you only do when you have to and learn to view it as a “treat.” One way of doing this is to use it as a reward – start masturbating after good things have happened to you. It’s fat-free (unlike that bar of chocolate), great for your health (unlike a drink or cigarette), and won’t cost you a cent (shopaholics take note). Soon you’ll start to associate it with good things, and the whole process will become more positive.

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Here are Ten Good Reasons To Masturbate

  1. It feels great.
  2. It teaches us about our own body: what turns us on, what doesn’t. Masturbation helps you identify what your basic sexual needs are and how best to satisfy them. Pass this on to your partner and you have a solid basis for a sizzling sex life.
  3. It releases tension and helps us sleep—a secret sleeping pill without any side effects!
  4. It teaches us to separate love from sex. We’re more able to distinguish sex affairs from love affairs because we realize having an orgasm doesn’t mean we’re in love.
  5. If you’re single, it stops you climbing the walls or sleeping with the first guy or girl you meet.
  6. It’s totally safe.
  7. It’s a great beauty treatment. Orgasm improves circulation, combats the effects of stress, makes skin glow!
  8. You can concentrate purely on your own pleasure without worrying about someone else’s.
  9. The more you masturbate, the more orgasms you’ll be capable of having both with and without your partner. The more you do it, the easier they are to reach!
  10. Being able to give yourself an orgasm is true sexual independence.

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