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The Spider Position

Couples who like to watch each other’s facial expressions during lovemaking will particularly enjoy this technique. The man and woman will sit on the bed, legs toward each other, and their arms supporting their back weight. They come closer as the woman opens her vagina to his penis, her hips between the man’s leg while her knees are bent and feet are flat on the bed for support. The man or woman will then rock back and forth. This position is great for moderately athletic and flexible couples, and the man can also caress her buttocks or back during penetration.

The Spider

The Spider


This may sound a little bit complicated but is actually very easy to perform. What this will require is a little bit of choreography between you and your partner.

What this requires is for the man to sit on the bed with the woman seated on his lap. The partners face each other with arms back for support. Now here’s the complicated part: you will have to move in time with each other thrusting forward, or you can rock back and forth in unison. This position allows for a very erotic view as the woman has her hips between the man’s spread legs with her knees bent and feet outside of his hips. Both partners can maintain eye contact while they are performing this sexual act.

This act is also called the Crab Walk.

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