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The Lotus Position

If you want to experience the utmost intimacy with your partner during sex, the Lotus is definitely the way to go.

Both partners sit cross-legged facing each other, but the female partner will actually sit on her lover’s lap with her legs wrapped around his hips so their pelvises touch. Once in position, it is more difficult to “thrust.” Sex in the Lotus position involves more “rocking” than it does thrusting. This is what makes the Lotus one of the more unique sex positions that isn’t as difficult to achieve!

Try the Lotus on the floor, bed, large rocking recliner, or anywhere you have enough space.

The Lotus Blossom

The Lotus Blossom


The Lotus position, which is described as a “favorite” position in the Ananga Ranga, is actually the ancient tantric Buddhist position known as yab-yum (mother-father). It is a position that is revered by tantric practitioners as the sexual position of the highest form of union, in which it is possible to experience cosmic bliss. In Hindu mythology, Shiva and his wife Parvati (Kali) remained joined in this position for a thousand years.

In This Sensuous lovemaking position, the man “sits cross-legged upon the bed or carpet, and takes his wife upon his lap.” The woman sits astride him with her legs entwined around his waist. It doesn’t stimulate the body as directly as other, more traditional postures, yet it is very arousing. Its eroticism lies in its intimacy, especially when your bodies are pressed tightly together.

The Ananga Ranga describes a variation of the Lotus position in which the woman “slightly raises one leg.” This subtly alters the tension between your vagina and his penis.

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By Leaning backward you can change the angle of entry in your vagina and expose your breasts for your lover to kiss. Support your weight on one hand and, in the unlikely event that he doesn’t take the hint, use your other hand to draw him toward you, urging him to lick and suck your breasts, telling him how good it feels.

Pull yourself closer to your lover by twining your legs around his back. If you want to quicken the tempo, move into the squatting position and pick up the pace. Use your feet for leverage, effectively bouncing up and down in his lap. Remember that it is easy to slip back into the woman-on-top positions if you decide the meditative mood is not for you.

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