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Basic Rear Entry Position

This sex position is probably the easiest way to get started with rear entry, apart from Doggy Style. When he thrusts, he can stimulate her g-spot in a unique way, and the closer her legs are together, the tighter it feels for him. This is definitely a must try!

The female partner lies on her stomach and props her upper body up on her elbows. Her legs are slightly spread apart with her knees bent and feet in the air. The male partner approaches her from behind and drapes his pelvis over her rear so his penis can enter her vaginal opening from behind. He supports his body weight with his knees and his arms, which are positioned on either side of her upper body. The rear entry sex position can also be used for anal penetration.

Rear Entry can be done on the sofa, bed, floor, or any flat surface.

Basic Rear Entry Position

Basic Rear Entry Position


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