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Splitting of a Bamboo Position

This exotically named position is easy to move into from the Yawning position. She needs to be very supple for this to work well, as her legs will play a starring role. Wait until you know each other well before you try this out, as the windmilling legs and the strange but wonderful sensations may put a new lover off his stride. Make sure that she’s at the peak of arousal, as the vaginal canal needs to expand to accept the depth of penetration that this position enables.

Splitting Bamboo

Splitting Bamboo

Use your legs to help your vagina squeeze his penis while he thrusts (you may want to emphasize the role of your legs by wearing stockings and garter belt). Just raise one leg onto his shoulder, then lower it; raise the other leg, then lower it. Repeat as desired. Some believe that this is impossible, but it is worth trying.

If you bring your legs almost together and then move them, you’ll squeeze his penis in a completely unfamiliar way, adding new sensations to his experience of thrusting. Do tell him that you’re about to perform this leg-swapping maneuver, as whacking your lover with a stray foot could ruin the moment.

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