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The Stand and Carry Position

This position is hot because of the intimacy and strength it creates. It’s also romantic and allows the couple to kiss and whisper sweet nothings to each other during sex.

This sex position is not for the faint of heart and this is only great for physically fit people. The woman must also be petite or thin, so it’s easier for the man to carry her.

The man should stand and then carry the woman up by holding her buttocks. The woman then wraps her legs around her partner’s waist and places her arms around him.

If the man has great upper body strength or the woman is light enough for him to carry, this standing position is great for couples who want to try a bit of outdoor sex or exhibitionism (i.e. having sex in front of a hotel window looking out over the city). The man stands upright as the woman wraps her arms around his upper body, then the man lifts her up by her heels. Her weight is supported by his arms as she uses his grip to thrust herself up and down on his penis. Be careful not to be standing too close to any items or furniture you might accidentally topple over when doing this challenging sex position!

Stand And Carry

Stand And Carry

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