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The Bridge Position

If the man has great upper body and core strength, and the woman is particularly limber, this position is a must-try. The Bridge position is especially attractive to couples who do yoga together. The man will sit with legs bent at the knees, his arms supporting his weight, as the woman faces him and straddles him, lowering her vagina over his penis, while her legs support her weight. He then penetrates and begins thrusting upward, all while keeping her weight supported by his body, as they try to gain balance and tempo. This is especially strenuous for the man but is very pleasurable for the woman because of the deep penetration angle and the friction of her clitoris against his groin.


The Bridge

The Bridge

A guy will love the show a woman gives him when she bends over backwards in the Bridge sex position.

The female partner will place her hands and feet on the floor while lying on her back and push herself up into a “bridge” position with her back arched and stomach curved towards the ceiling. The male partner kneels, aligns himself with his partner, and gently guides her hips as he thrusts. In this sex position, the female partner can lose her balance quite easily, and only very flexible women will be able to comfortably have sex in this position. However, her arched back and exposed body give him a very nice view!

If this one’s too challenging, try the Cradle.

The floor is excellent for this position.

The London Bridge is a complicated sex position that can be performed by athletic and yogic couple. This position is wild, exciting, and incredibly difficult.

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The man should lie on his back with his arms above his head, palms down. Then, while taking a deep breath, he should lift his knees, back, and head from the ground and into the yoga wheel pose. The woman then climbs on top of her and guide’s his penis into her vagina.

This position is extremely pleasurable for the man because it increases the blood flow to his brain. It is also extremely enjoyable and exciting.

This position is very powerful for the woman so it’s a perfect opportunity for the woman to talk dirty to her partner.

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