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The 69 Position

The 69 is one of the easiest and dirtiest sex positions used in foreplay. You can also do this in between different sex positions. This position is pleasurable for both partners, but it gives the woman more oral pleasure.

When we first heard of the 69 position, a position that involves simultaneous oral sex, we thought it seemed difficult. How are we supposed to focus on our partner when we’re being pleasured at the same time! And, to be honest, it isn’t easy, though it is fun.

69 Position

69 Position

The easiest way to do this is to have one person lie on their back or side, knees down, and the other person lie on top or on the side of them with their head toward their partner’s feet so each can reach the other’s genitals. As each of you gets more into it the intensity often increases, and it’s easy to feel how close your partner is to orgasm.

Even though you’re so distracted by the pleasure and feel that maybe you’re not giving a top-of-line performance, that’s okay.

Traditionally, the 69 is one of the most exciting ways to give and receive oral sex, because both partners get to do it at the same time. This is a great way to bring each other to simultaneous orgasm orally, and it can be a great position to use when one partner is less enthusiastic about giving oral sex.

In the 69 the male partner lies on his back, and the female partner straddles his face, facing towards his feet. She then leans down and performs oral sex on him while simultaneously receiving it.

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For the 69 to be successful, however, both partners must be clean and very comfortable with each other. Don’t forget to do some basic hygiene beforehand (such as a sexy shower together), and you shouldn’t have any issues.

You can do the 69 anywhere you can both comfortably lie down.

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