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The Kneeling Lotus Position

The kneeling lotus creates better movement between the genitals, allowing the couple to move in a fluid rocking motion. This position provides an optimal angle for penetration, while providing great G-spot stimulation. The man has free access to the woman’s breasts during intercourse and the woman has a strong feeling of power and dominance. This position is great for people with average weight, low flexibility, and moderate energy.

To get into this position, the man must kneel back and the woman sits onto his lap, facing him. She should then wrap her legs around her partner and wrap her arms around him for support. The couple can whisper sweet nothings or do dirty talk while in this position.

This position is very intimate, so making eye contact and kissing/biting the neck and ears will increase the sexual tension.

The Kneeling Lotus

The Kneeling Lotus

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