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The Advanced Leapfrog Position

The Advanced Leapfrog position combines aspects of many other sex positions such as Doggy Style and Leapfrog. In this style, the man is standing, leaning backwards while holding his partner’s waist. The woman will face away from him in a squat position, leaning all the way over in front of her so her head is upside down and she can see behind her. As she sits on his penis and leans forward, she will be able to rock backwards and forwards. With her hands in front of her, she leans forward and backward rhythmically as the man grabs her buttocks to guide the movements. As the tempo is set, he can then move his free hand around her waist to stimulate her groin, breasts, or clitoris. This position allows for very fast thrusts.

Advanced Leapfrog

Advanced Leapfrog

This is a great position to do on a harder surface. Most women love doggy style, and this one takes it to a new level, making it even more exciting. Men also love this as it gives a perfect view of their partner’s buttocks.

Just like doggy style, the woman will need to be on all fours, however she will need to be planted on the palms of her feet and hands (Like a leap frog). Once in this position the man will need to bend his knees slightly and insert his penis into the vagina.

Talking dirty and slapping your partner’s buttocks in this position will definitely spice things up. If you’re more adventurous you can also use a whip, if that kind of thing turns both of you on.

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