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The Mermaid Position

If the male partner is particularly strong or the female is light and limber, this position should also be tried. Both partners are standing, with the man’s fee together and slightly bent in the knees. She is standing with her back to him as the man holds her by the stomach and lifts her toward him. She then pulls her hands back to lock them under his arms, while bending her knees and moving closer to him, her feet positioned under his buttocks. As he penetrates and moves inside her, he is carrying most of her weight. This position is great for deep vaginal stimulation.

The Mermaid

The Mermaid

The mermaid position requires a lot of strength especially on the woman’s side. This is a very unique and powerful position if you can master it’s definitely something you should try once you are super advanced in bed.

Both partners need to stand upright with the woman facing away from her partner in front of him. She must then put her hands behind her back so her partner has room to put his arms through and pick the woman up. Once done the woman will then need to position her legs wrapped around her partner’s upper legs so the man can then guide his penis into the vagina. This position requires teamwork, so work together in trying to make this as comfortable as possible.

Ways to make things more interesting could be handcuffing your woman’s hands together to make it easier and at the same time boosting the sexual tension. Planning a foreplay… Maybe your partner is your dance instructor and the role-play leads to this position.

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